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MITV is the producer of the popular Swiss Rail Journeys international television series, also known as Schweizer Bahnen, Chemins de fer Suisses, and Ferrovie Svizzere. These programmes have been screened on Travel Channel in northern Europe, Canal Viaggi, Voyage and Public Television in North America.

Official productions made in co-operation with the Swiss Railway Companies. Shot from train, air and trackside. Informative commentary, actual sound and music in full stereo sound.

All our MITV productions have English commentary (apart from the cab rides which are without commentary). Most of our programmes are also available in Francais or Deutsch. Six programmes have Italiano commentary.


Our MITV Glacier Express programmes are available on a dual NTSC and PAL DVD disc set with a choice of 5 languages. Our Bernina Express programme is available on a PAL disc with a choice of 4 languages.

All our other productions are available on DVD R PAL discs with a single language commentary.

Special Announcement.   Sue and Chris will be retiring in April and the MITV website will only be open for orders until the 31st March 2018.  After that it will be available for information only. If you wish to buy our DVDs then please order before the end of March.  We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their support over the years.

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